Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity

The Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity program is an unconventional social leadership program that challenges the common notion of leadership and the need for archetypal leaders.

Driven by Indigenous people and based on Indigenous sensibilities, the program aims to build a generation of people who work together as a collective and distributed network of change makers to improve the wellbeing of communities, especially Indigenous communities, and make society more healthy, inclusive, and fair.

We provide capacity and freedom to leaders to have positive social impact at scale.

Over the next 20 years we will create more than 400 change agents, influential and innovative leaders, and social provocateurs, who will connect with thousands of other Atlantic Fellows as part of a global network.


RECOGNISE is the people’s movement to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Australian Constitution and ensure there’s no place in it for racial discrimination.

Our role has a very specific focus. It is to raise awareness of the need to end the exclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from the Australian Constitution and deal with racial discrimination in it.

Some of our partners include: AFL, NRL, Cricket Australia, QANTAS, Telstra, NRMA, KPMG, Commonwealth Bank, Foxtel, Oxfam, The Smith Family, Red Cross, Australian Human Rights Commission.

As the National Field Coordinator, it’s my job to raise awareness on the ground across the nation, change swing voters minds, and increase voter enrolment to ensure we get the largest possible yes vote.

Social Innovation Thinking

Social Innovation Thinking is a strategic design and innovation consultancy. We partner with organisations to enable them to create lasting value and deep impact. We focus on organisation, service, and communication design. Co-design, and holistic and evolutionary thinking are at the core of our approach. We embed ourselves in organisations and co-lead implementation with teams to ensure success and sustainable outcomes. Our projects can transform and improve businesses, teams, services, products, branding, and marketing. We make you better, which means more impact and more profit.

We have worked with Arrilla, High Distinction, and the deVere Group.

Flashpoint Labs

Flashpoint Labs is a socially innovative professional photography agency and training academy. We provide corporate photography services and run changemaking photography programs with young people from diverse backgrounds.

Some of our clients include: Westpac Bank, Commonwealth Bank, ING Direct, QBE, Prince’s Charity, Mental Health Commission, School for Social Entrepreneurs, and National Centre of Indigenous Excellence.

I co-founded Flashpoint Labs with Leanne Townsend in Sydney and ran the organisation as the CEO for the first four years (2011-2014). I’m was a board director for one year (2015) and now I’m back leading our move to teal style self-management. Find out more. 

Otherwise Travels

A travel blog about my time spent exploring the Middle East in 2010, just prior to the Arab Spring. Find out more.

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