How to start a (social) start up – On hold

on hold

My series – how to start a (social) start up – is being put on hold.

I started this series to keep me sharp as I transition from one client to the next.  Through Social Innovation Thinking, my consulting firm, I have spent the past year working on an exciting online learning project. It will launch some time next year. As the project winds down, I wanted to explore new ideas in this blog series.

However, as I was exploring the potential of Future Baby, I got a call from some friends in London. They have had their own ideas on how to make an impact for some time.  They have also seen the rise of Flashpoint Labs over the past four years. They are interested in starting something similar in the UK. Something that empowers diverse young people to express themselves while shaping our collective culture and generating a livelihood.

My friends, Blair and Oliver, are filmmakers (Novemba Films) so this would be an enterprise based on filmmaking. I’m incredibly excited by the prospect and I’ll be spending a lot of time in London developing the idea over the next few months.

PS. You can now find out more by visiting our website – High Distinction.

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